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Favorite Links


United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation  - a resource for mitochondrial disease

Yahoo groups - MitoAngels · For those who have lost a child to a Mitochondrial Disease - An on-line support group for parents who have lost a child to a mitochondrial disease.

Eli's Angels - Our Mission is to send children with Leigh’s disease, mitochondrial or metabolic disorders a gift, for them to enjoy, create memories, know they are special and provide support to the families who care for them.

Heartbeats for Mito

Mitochondrial Research Society- a resource for mitochondrial disease

Mitochondrial Medicine Society a resource for mitochondrial disease

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Nijmegen Center for Mitochondrial Disorders European resource for mitochondrial disease

Save Babies Through Screening- A parents resource for newborn screening

Heavenly Lights Memorial - An online children's memorial dedicating to raising for childhood illness and the need for better cures.

Always Loved ~ Never Forgotten Online weekly newsletter and support group for grieving parents





















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