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Email Address Date Message Delete ADDWILLBEBAD 5/07/2003 YOU HAVE A ANGEL JUST LIKE I DO AND SHE IS VERY PRETTY MY LITTLE GIRL IS 6 MONTHES TODAY AND SHE HAS LIEGHS DISEASE ALSO SHE IS AT HER END AND I AM VERY SCARED AND LONLEY SO IF YOU CAN PLEASE EMAIL ME GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR ANGEL LOVE SHANNON Delete cbkcm7@aol .com 4/30/2003 my heart goes out to you Delete 4/08/2003 My name is Lindsey Thomas. I am only 13 years old, but I came across this website, and something was telling me to read it. I'm am extremely sorry for your loss of Kayley. She was such a beautiful baby. This website is so touching. Thank you so much. Delete 2/27/2003 i am so sorry for your loss... this web site is beautiful and has helped me so much already.. my two year old savannah was diagnosed with mitochondral disease just a few days ago.. site's like these help us parents to understand why... thanks you so much. Delete jjmeeler@ 5/09/2002 Thank you for sharing your angel with us. Delete 5/05/2002 Although we are strangers, we are all united in that we have had an angel in our lives. Thank you for sharing you story. The poems and lyrics are so appropriate for everyone. Thank you... **Sarah Smith** Delete 4/27/2002 Thank you so much for the poems, and words to songs. They have been a help to me. We lost our daughter on 9/15/00, a month and 2 days before she would have been 20. It seems like only yesterday she ran down the steps to her car, never to return. Thank Delete 2/06/2002 Hi Jen, You were blessed to have a very special little Angel in your life, who now lives in your heart forever. Elaine - Delete 1/14/2002 Thankyou so much for signing my Jacob's guestbook..... You have done a fabulous job with your site! Hugs & Kisses to your Family! Maria Childs xoxo Delete 12/04/2001 Thanks for signing Ashley's guest book. It is comforting to read know Ashley's memory will live on through our stories. We too decided that enough was enough and did not want her to have anymore suffering. Our children are healed for eternity. Delete 12/04/2001 Thank you for signing Delete 11/04/2001 God be with your family. I am a mother of twins w/Complex I deficiency. They are almost 5 years old and I treasure each day like it was the last. God Bless You All. Jennifer Delete 10/27/2001 My heart and prayers go out to you. Our Anna went to be with the Lord in Delete 10/27/2001 I am so glad I checked out your site. Although it made me cry, it was wonderful to see pictures of your two beautiful daughters. Delete 10/26/2001 Kayley was a special little angel here on earth, now she is an angel without pain. My heart go's out to you all. I know how hard it is to loss a child, I also lost my son to AML. Delete 10/20/2001 I wanted to stop out and thank you so much for adding your website for your daughter to the Childhood Disease Awareness sites. I was so touched by your story of your precious daughter..Kayley. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family. God bless Delete Not Submitted 10/12/2001 Dear Bruce,Jen & Sinead, What a touching memorial to the short life of dear Kayley,she will remain in our thoughts with much love as do you all...Judy & Roy Delete 10/12/2001 Dear Bruce, Jen and Sinead.This tribute to Kayley is truly beautiful, she will always remain in our thoughts. With Love Grant and Rene Delete Not Submitted 10/07/2001 Dear Jenny, Bruce and Sinaed,When I was sending you my last message I lost the Link so I dont know what you might have received.We thought the memorial was so touching and beautiful.We know how you must have felt this last year.Love to you all ,Jean and T Delete 10/07/2001 Dear Bruce and Jenny,Your mum forwarded your memorial web site to us we have just finished reading it and were very moved.It is a beautiful thought and we like you will always remember her. We were staying with Andre and Sylvia a year ago Delete 10/05/2001 Dear Jenny, Bruce & Sinead, Being so far away we could never appreciate the pain you were going through until we read your tribute to Kayley. I am sure Dad is looking after her now. God bless, our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. Love Charles Delete Not Submitted 10/05/2001 Bru, Jen & Sinead. Sadly we never got the opportunity to meet darling Kayley during her short little life. Myself and Paul send our love and best wishes to you at this terrible time. Odette Delete 10/04/2001 God bless Kayley and her family. She is now with our little angel Ryan Kulik (Aug 1998 - Aug.1999 Mito complex 1&3). Delete Not Submitted 9/30/2001 The memory of Kayley will live with me forever. Granny Gray Delete 9/24/2001 Bruce & Jen. Thinking of you at this time and remembering Kayley with love even though we didn't know her very well. Delete Not Submitted 9/21/2001 Hi there, thanks for the photos and I`m thinking of you all at this time. Love and God bless, Colleen Delete 9/21/2001 Jen and Bruce - I was so moved by your message. We hope somehow the pain will subside and you begin to cope a lot better. Your loverly daughter Sinead will no doubt bring you much happiness and joy. Good luck and bless you all.- Duges Delete Not Submitted 9/21/2001 For Kayley, we shall remember you always. Your short life reminds us to cherish those dear to us with each available opportunity. Bruce, Jen and Sinead, our thoughts are with you during this sad anniversary. Love, Malcolm, Eileen, Dylan & Helen Delete Not Submitted 9/21/2001 Kayley Grandidot knew you for a few short hours of your little life, but I treasure that time with you and can still remember how hard you tried to smile when I took a close friend with me to visit you. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers,